Dead Time

Dead Time          video                                                      

It is a dance inspired by the book < Einstein's Dreams > by Alan Lightman

 "Time" behaving in a different way.

Time is a circle that can flow backwards in isolated rivulets, and that time branches outward in parallel worlds.

In each alternate world with a different time, time affects how people live. People in one world choose to live regimented by mechanical time or by their body's fluid.

Choreographer / Ming-Hwa Yeh
Costume Designer / Eve Wu 
Sound Designer / Yen-Ting Hsu
Lighting Designer / I-Hua Kao
Running TiMe / 15 min

Music / Paul Giger /  / Eric La Casa / Yucka Drucka / 
Dancer / Ming-Hwa Yeh . En Chen
Photo / Chang-Chin Chen
Premiere / 21, July, 2011, Huashan 1914, Creative Park