The Serene Gallery 一個人的美術館-寂靜敲門

The Serene Gallery is the third phase of its precursor Nordic, a two-phase theatrical presentation. It's about moving the theatrical stage to a museum to re-imagine and create a sensory experience unique to each viewer. Infused with the movements and scene changes from the theater, and suffused in the meandering in a museum and meditative ebb and flow of senses, viewers have the option of visiting the gallery space alone, and get in touch with the blurry grey area between the internal and external world in serenity and solitariness.

"Inspired by nature—from a scene in the theater to the heart of an art museum."

I'd like to invite you to walk in the museum by yourself. Natural wonders, once a turning point in life, transformed into a magical time in the theater. Now, it's your personal moment in an art museum. Enjoy.


Concept / Artist 葉名樺  Ming-Hwa YEH 

Artist / 董育廷 Yu-Ting TUNG.    | SHENG . 趙卓琳 Adrianne CHIU

Performers / Ming-Hwa YEH . Mark Van Tongeren. A-Kuan Shiao


複合懸吊裝置(太空包、再生塑膠顆粒)、循環聲音、單頻道數位錄像、表演  2017

Mixed suspension installations (bulk bags, recycled plastic particles), sound loops, single-channel digital video, performances 2017 


攝影 陳藝堂 王文  黃湧恩